Privacy Policy – SAS Digital

Log files, security details and authority factors are crucial for any corporate website and so for us. This is a firm declaration from SAS Digital that your every single association with us is purely secured. Like everyone else, you’re the most valuable asset for us and we can ensure protecting your privacy and personal information.

Privacy Policy is to convey our users our way to deal with log files, authority and security factors on SAS Digital. It’s recommended from us to go through this entire policy before using this website for any purpose.

Right to Change these Terms

As mentioned under our “Terms and Condition” section, we have the right to change this policy partially or fully based on our requirement. It’s needed for a smooth work process and complete reasons are already mentioned there.

Log Files and Cookies

As our business deals online, we have to use cookies and various other tracking codes. These may be present on any of our service pages, ads or other pages with a form. For our work process, we may track some valuable user information like IP address, ISP, device details, location, etc.

Make sure that all these tracking meant for our reporting purpose. The moment you’re entering to our website, we may collect information if there is a requirement of it. To opt for any of our service, you need to fill-up a simple registration or contact form. In such cases, you may be asked to provide some of your personal details like contact number, name and email ids.

As such information is immensely valuable for us; we can ensure proper safety of it. Without your permission, not going to share it with anyone no matter what the purpose is.

Access Control and User Authority

In order to get premium services from SAS Digital, users need to register with us. On the other hand, you need to subscribe us in order to get regular information. In either case, you’ll be provided with proper Login Id and Password.

Make sure to keep all those details safe. In case you lost, “forget password” option is there but we can’t give any guarantee for information safety for hacked accounts. Access to our website by users will be based on their authority level and at any cost, you’re not allowed to transfer your account to someone else without authorized permission.

File Submission

After reaching a certain user level and/or while using services which require file upload, you need to provide files in the form of image, Pdf, audio, videos, etc. While doing so, make sure that those files are in the accurate format and contain required information. We will manually verify all such files and any mistake may lead your account suspension.

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