SEM Services – PPC Advertising Management

Pay Per Click Management

SEM Services – PPC Advertising Management

Set an SEM campaign with high class PPC advertising management service in search / display network and PPC re-marketing. Contact us today for a low cost Pay per Click Search Engine Marketing analysis.

Search Engine Marketing, its analysis and PPC campaign set-up with precise accuracy can minimize your investment on online marketing. Along with our SEM services, we design a process that can work in any marketing condition despite the business type and achievement you are looking for.

Note*: This section covers complete SEM services from both direct marketing and branding. You can find details on Shopping Ads and Mobile App under our ecommerce and App development section. We undertake projects for Google AdWords, Google DoubleClick and Bing Ads.

People often mystified while choosing SEM campaign based on their business. With SAS digital, this complex approach can be simplified with our skilled market analysts. We can ensure managing your account elements like clicks, impressions, bid prize, ad position and conversion rate. This will help enhancing ROI no matter what your SEM campaign purpose is.

PPC Ads (Search – Display Network)

In general, through PPC ads we target search network. It covers all major search engine depend upon network or platform we use. Pay only for clicks and conversion can be done through a proper landing page optimization. We can target other websites to show text and link ads for our business.

Display Advertising (Other Websites)

Broadly targeted towards branding, the display network advertising is immensely effective for a high level reputation. If you are a start-up, display advertisingis more recommended than any other strategy. All we need to do is designing a standard ad format based on recommended sizes.

SEM Remarketing (Display Network)

As the name suggests, the concept of SEM remarketing is simple and highly effective in terms of branding as well as lead generation. This is to market customers or to follow them during their internet surfing process by showing your business display ads. In other words, a purchase reminder!

Video Ads (YouTube Advertising)

Do you have a video ad of your business? If yes, YouTube might be the best platform you can target through this strategy. Show ads to viewers in YouTube search page for a related video keyword search.

Social Media Advertising (Facebook)

This may not be a direct module under our SEM services, but along with your online advertising campaign we cannot really ignore it. We build up a proper social marketing strategy mainly in Facebook by following proper SMO rules. Please follow our SMM Service section for detail.

We’ve got enough experience to create successful campaigns on Google AdWords, Bing, Facebook and YouTube.


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